Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that has gained significant relevance as part of inbound marketing in recent years.

Content marketing aims to inspire customers, build a relationship with them and finally provide the impetus for the use of a service or the purchase of a product through the targeted creation and distribution of relevant high quality content.

Content marketing should always be seen as a long-term strategy and it comprises a continuous process. The focus of the publication of content is primarily on the company’s own content channels, the owned media. Of course, the company will strive to generate an interest level with the publication, which induces third parties to incorporate and promote these contents in their channels, the earned media.

In other words: Content marketing is the art of skilful communication with the target group that achieves a product or service selling by itself. It is far more important to serve as a source of information and entertainment, rather than constantly praising the company’s own products or services. The company earns credibility and is rewarded by converting consumers into customers that stand behind the brand an in an ideal scenario even act as brand ambassadors within their respective environment.

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