Facebook Marketing

With over a billion active users a month, Facebook is a fantastic platform for sharing content and its viral distribution.

If the content arouses the interest of the relevant users, it usually distributes all by itself.

Facebook is a communication platform. This is something one should internalise to utilise the entire potential of the social network. Shared video content or images attract a lot of attention, which in turn sparks reactions, including in the form of comments. These reactions are mapped as user activity on the timeline of one’s friends and followers, which means an exponential increase in the scope of the content relative to the number of friends. It should be a matter of course to react to one’s followers, particularly since a lively profile leads to further interaction.

Even though Facebook marketing is a core component of inbound marketing, other social networks should not be neglected. Only by creating a skilful presence on all channels that are visited by the target group and linking all these channels together can a comprehensive visibility be ensured.

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