Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM utilises the social networks as a marketing tool.

The objective of SMM is the creation of content that the users will distribute in their social networks and thereby raise greater brand awareness and a closer customer relationship of the brand, product or service.

SMM gives companies access to direct feedback from their existing and potential customers. The interactive elements of the social networks also offer users the opportunity to ask questions or even to be heard by the authorities. This makes companies appear more tangible and personal.

This aspect is part of social customer relationship management, or Social CRM.

Not all SMM promotions will bring forth an immediate effect. Sometimes, months will pass by before the first successes can be noted. However, it is usually worthwhile to regularly analyse all channels and posts and show some persistence. If social media appearances are only maintained irregularly, social media marketing is destined to fail.

Social media optimisation (SMO) is a crucial component of SMM.

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