Bad Neighbourhood

This category includes websites that utilise Black hat SEO tricks to improve their search engine ranking by unlawful means.

A website establishes a bad neighbourhood, if the following characteristics can be observed:

Bad links: This includes all links that are known amongst SEO experts as negative PPC (pills, porn or casino). Everyone will be familiar with spam from these areas.

Many links exist: A website should contain a significantly higher proportion of content than links. At a ratio of 95% links to 5% content, Google’s alarm bells are ringing.

Spam: A disproportionate amount of spam on a website is harmful, even if the website operator has no ill intent. If the spam is not reined in, this is followed by the bad links mentioned above.

Advert spamming: If a website looks like a billboard, neither the user nor Google is impressed.

Substandard content: Websites need unique content. Software that simply changes the content or its fragments only superficially creates new content and therefore achieves exactly the opposite effect.

If a website displays these characteristics, it is punished by the search engines – or worse, it is completely banished from the search results. Links to sites like these can equally entail negative consequences for the original website.

You can find out, if a website appears on a bad neighbourhood list, by entering the following information in the Google search bar: site [enter URL of website here]

If no search results are displayed, it would be better not to link to the website.

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