Video Marketing

The medium of a video is utilised to attract attention to a product, brand, service or event.

Video marketing includes the production of video content and the distribution through social media channels and search engines. Even through the video itself cannot be evaluated by the search engine’s crawlers, meta descriptions, headlines and descriptions of the content can be placed around the video content and these can be read by the crawlers. This facilitates the generation of inbound links and traffic by the video and therefore a positive impact on SEO is achieved.

Videos are frequently shared in the network. Video content that is kitted out with a meaningful description and targeted keywords, benefits from high visibility on video platforms and a high video ranking in Google SERP. The combination of videos and written content has proven to be a successful SEO strategy.

Crispy Tip: Video tutorials lend themselves to supporting the SEO by transcribing the video content and by integrating the text in the article.

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