5 Examples of Excellent Content Marketing in E-Commerce

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Content is the best seller: nothing is better at generating visibility in search engines and creating awareness for companies, products and services. Content marketing makes it possible for companies to steer the decision-making journey of potential customers – a fact that more and more online retailers are beginning to latch onto. Here, we take a look at five of the best. Keep reading to see how outstanding content marketing should look in the B2C online retail market!

Content Marketing in E-Commerce


Narrow down your target group, identify their interests, tailor your content: these are the prerequisites for strategically sound content marketing – and there can be no doubt that Saturn has fulfilled them successfully. Its magazine, Turn On, is an ideal read for tech fans who favour clearly-presented content and get turned off by overly-technical language – the magazine features articles such as “13 Clever Tips for the the Huawei Mate 8” or “Surface Book Quick-Test: Lightweight with Power”.

Quelle: Screenshot from Turn On


Even when it comes to furniture retail, it’s important for content marketers to think closely about what will interest target consumers most. Made has identified one area of common ground: customers who stand in front of a piece of furniture and want to know how it will look in a real-life living room – not with studio light and a screen, or even as CGI, but in an actual home.

Quelle: Screenshot from Made x Unboxed

Made launched the Unboxed platform to enable customers to upload photos of their own adventures in interior design. With the call to action “Share Your Flair”, Made Unboxed lets shoppers navigate through photos from around the world and see how other customers have used Made products in their homes. Unboxed was a pretty shrewd move by Made: buyers themselves contribute to content marketing by supplying user-generated content.


Fashion magazines are a dime a dozen. Fashion magazines that function as marketing tools and tie in seamlessly with a company’s marketing strategy are much rarer – yet Zalando has managed to create just that. In “one-of-a-kind promotions”, website visitors can buy fashion pieces cheaply and enjoy special discounts.

Quelle: Screenshot from Zalando Lounge

Though, admittedly, the thematic link between the individual magazine posts and the promotional area of the website could be better – the call to action links to an overview page showing all current promotions regardless of the topic of a given post – Zalando has nevertheless managed to create a situation in which fashionistas browsing the magazine are never more than a few clicks from a purchase.


“For the love of cooking” – springlane’s motto, and one for which it manages to convey a genuine sense of enthusiasm. The springlane magazine, for example, features a 1,500-word article solely dedicated to tips for melt-in-the-mouth muffins!

Content Marketing im E-Commerce: springlane

Quelle: Screenshot from Springlane Magazin

Nestled amongst recipes and cooking tips, springlane also features product tests – including a test for the ice cream machine Emma – as a way of monetising its content offering. The second monetisation route is through e-books, which readers can obtain in exchange for their email addresses. Leads generated in this way can then be used by springlane in email marketing campaigns.


Content marketing entered Amazon’s mammoth online store in true Trojan horse style in the form of video-on-demand service Amazon Video. At first offering only third party content – which could be viewed in a similar way to shows on Netflix – Amazon has now begun producing its own series, Amazon Originals, thus positioning itself as both a content producer and a provider.

Content Marketing im E-Commerce: Amazon Video

Quelle: Screenshot from Amazon Video

The trick: customers wishing to view original series like “The Man In The High Castle” are required to become Amazon Prime customers – and are thus inducted into the flawlessly-engineered Amazon cosmos, with all the shipping benefits and other advantages it offers. The Amazon search field is ever-present – and the way from content to shop has never been shorter.

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5 Examples of Excellent Content Marketing in E-Commerce

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