Branded Content adds emotional value

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Branded Content is a frequently used term these days. But what is actually behind all this?

Branded Content vanishes the conventional boundaries between advertisement, information and entertainment, resulting in content with strong, though not obviously visible, brand reference.

Branded Content is everywhere: Be it a concert by a telecommunications company, a sports event by a drinks producer, video games, music videos, TV or websites. If it is not recognised as such, it is of high quality. Or as Avi Savar, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Big Fuel, puts it: “Frankly, if you can’t actually determine whether it’s content or advertising, that’s probably the purest form of Branded Content.”

Targeted product placement in the field of entertainment makes Branded Content so appealing to companies. Entertainment brings hobby, fascination and passion together and thus evokes emotions. Getting brands involved in such an emotional environment is beneficial when it comes to bulding the company’s image and strengthening the relationship to customers. The brands more prominent emotional presence can eventually contribute to a sustainable increase in sales.

Crispy Content is convinced that brands can be built, revived and strengthened by Branded Content. Combine your brand with our expertise and let us generate effective Branded Content. We let your brand have a say on the web. Be it by editorial textscontent curationlocalisation, storytelling or conscious content management, an experienced team of editors and content managers ensures that your brand is being recognised. Go for Branded Content on your corporate blog, youtube channel or social media account – go for Crispy Content.

Here an example for perfectly implemented Branded Content: