The Crispy Content Marketing Glossary – Free eBook

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Content Marketing, a trendy buzzword. “Apparently takes place anywhere that any content is repacked” might as well be its Wikipedia entry. It’s already old hat in the States and it has now infected Europe, spreading like a continuously mutating virus in 2014.

Crispy Content | Content Marketing Glossary

Crispy Content | Content Marketing Glossary

Once everyone has been hit with it and one or two people have started to recover, the next marketing buzzword pathogen will run its course.

As we don’t want anyone to go down in this buzzword epidemic, we have compiled a life-saving content marketing glossary. Some terms, such as “outbound marketing”, somewhat overshoot that objective. But sometimes it’s not enough to know what something is – we need to know what it isn’t, to be able to classify it correctly.

From “A” for advertorial through “I” for inbound marketing to “Z” for zero moment of truth, you can now get to grips with more than 120 definitions, many of which are even illustrated with videos and graphics. Of course, we realise that a glossary can never be complete and we will continue to enrich it with additional marketing definitions.

You want our glossary at your fingertips all the time? We offer the Crispy Content Marketing Glossary eBook as a free PDF download.

You can’t find an important buzzword? You feel that a certain definition would benefit from a visual illustration? We want your feedback!

Crispy Content Marketing Glossary Free Ebook

Author: Ben Harmanus