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Nothing is more charming than a beautiful smile – and with modern,well-designed dental implants, that’s exactly what Natural Dental Implants AG helps patients to achieve. A great product, an exciting story – an obvious candidate for content marketing! We support this medical technology manufacturer with its content marketing and inbound marketing operations, using marketing and sales platform HubSpot to automate the lead generation process.

Natural Dental Implants: Content Marketing


A dental prosthesis that’s closer to nature – that was the goal of founders Rüdger Rubbert, Lea Ellermeier Nesbit and Dr. Ernst-Ulrich Berndt. Rubbert himself had twice endured the long, drawn-out process of tooth replacement via traditional implants before coming up with with idea of the REPLICATE immediate implant. The following video shows how it works.


Natural Dental Implants turned to Crispy Content with the goal of increasing the REPLICATE system’s public profile, getting patients and dentists enthused and strengthening the company’s own marketing department. The medical technology manufacturer now enjoys a holistic content marketing and inbound marketing strategy that incorporates the REPLICATE blog and the company’s social media profile and mailings. The marketing and sales platform HubSpot steers and automates the process of lead generation via the various channels.


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Content for a Radiant Smile – Natural Dental Implants Commissions Crispy Content

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