Content. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #1

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Content is the essence of every successful website. Our series “Content. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” points out effective examples of how content produced by Crispy Content helped to make websites a success.

Crispy Content | Content

Crispy Content | Content

1. Goal – Keeping Promises

Websites promise users to fulfil their wish for useful information by giving them answers to their questions. Many websites, however, do not keep that promise as they provide information that is either not of interest to the users or does not give a satisfying soltion to their problem.

Users browse the web to get precise answers to their questions. Thus, focusing on the target group and its needs is what generates relevant and sustainable content – “Good Content”. Websites that put an emphasis on qualitative content are rewarded with higher search engine rankings, better conspicuity, more traffic and increased brand awareness.

“Good Content” is provided by Crispy Content. Whether it is project-based or longterm; whether it is in English, German, Swedish or another language, Crispy Content develops and produces editorial, advertorial and partly-advertorial content in words and pictures. All tailored to your target group both by topic and in tone of voice. Our support for District MTV gives an insight into that service.