Content. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #2

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There is only a thin line between good and bad. And it is exactly the same when it comes to web-content. “Good Content” can quickly loose its actual potential and turn into “Bad Content”. By applying effective methods such disasters can be averted, though.

Crispy Content | Content

Crispy Content | Content

2. Goal – Avoiding mistakes

You finally got it – the perfect website with target group-oriented, well communicated and sustainable content. Users will just love it. But what sense does the best website make when nobody knows it even exists? When it is simply not visible? Without search engine optimisation (SEO) the best content is economically ineffictive for the website provider: Only those users who directly visit your website can become your costumers. Other potential clients who do not know about your website might find an alternative by browsing the web. Just by being invisible to the user “Good Content” quickly turns into “Bad Content”. Thus, it is essential to adjust websites according to the indexes and algorithms of web search engines. And the best about it: Not everything needs to be turned upside down.

Search engines do not have the ability to find good content on there own. It is the website providers and marketers who have to advise them of it. Already minor changes such as the amendment of the basic structure of the content, the SEO-oriented renaming of pictures or the re-phrasing of headlines, work wonders. Some improvements might slightly amend the content. However, there are no cutbacks in quality or value for the user. Quite the contrary: A better search engine ranking makes good content visible, generates more traffic and contributes to the establishment of the website.

Crispy Content has an understanding of what good content is. We also know the capabilities and limitations of search engines. Combining that know-how we are able to generate and amend content that is appreciated by users and visible on the web. Analysis, consultancy and implementation – Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Content Management from a single source.

Take the good, avoid the bad and make it great.