Content. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #3

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Within the last couple of weeks the series “Content. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” defined what good website content is and what aspects need to be borne in mind to achieve certain goals such as higher website traffic or increased efficiency. The last part of our series throws light on “Ugly Content” and explains how the ugly duckling can be turned into a beautiful swan.

Crispy Content | Content

Crispy Content | Content

3. Goal – Effective Presentation

Search engines are not able to identify good content on their own. Thus, it is up to website providers and marketers to optimise it in such way that it will be found. Search engines compare the user’s search requests with web content and aim at providing him/her with the most appropriate results. Simplified it can be said: The more keywords are being used, the better the search engine ranking. The following example, a comment on tripadvisor about a boat rental, points out, though, that this is a naive fallacy:

“Was in Riva on holidays and wanted to explore the lakeHired a boat at the habour. It was a bargain.”

Obviously, the entry has been written under marketing aspects as many keywords (highlighted in orange) were used.  However, the quality of the content suffered a lot. Most users will probably not have read further than the second sentence as the reading fluency is not smooth and no additional value is being provided. Thus, despite the good search engine ranking the entry missed its actual goal of generating a sale. “Ugly Content” was produced instead.

This negative effect can be avoided, though, by producing and presenting target group-oriented content that is easy to read. In this regard it is important to bear in mind the connection between the context and the peception of the content. The form and structure of the content, e.g. length and structure of the text, already have a major influence on successful search engine optimisation. The visually effective presentation and the selection of efficient keywords also essentially contribute to an increased search engine ranking.

Crispy Content knows what really counts: Know-how and experience in generating search engine-optimized texts, target group-orienteted editorial services as well as in designing and structuring web content make us a competent consultant when it comes to content and beyond. We make search engines fall in love with your website.