Crispy Content delivers multilingual

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Crispy Content GmbH offers current, relevant and targeted content in the client’s requested language.

Crispy Content| Chinese Cat

Crispy Content| Chinese Cat

Berlin, August 4 2011 – Crispy Content produces editorial text content for a variety of services ranging from lifestyle, entertainment and music to cinema, health and beauty. As a full service online content management service, Crispy Content is also available in multiple languages. This means that content is not only in tone & voice targeted to specific audiences – it can also be delivered in any desired language.

International companies trust in the qualities of Crispy Content

All texts are produced exclusively by writers and journalists in their native language, and the Crispy Content GmbH can therefore guarantee the delivery of a high quality text. Upon request, the client will acquire a text sample from one of our specialized authors in the language preferred. A feedback loop enables customers to ensure and test the quality of the delivered texts. Eventually the customer will be delivered with a quality product ready for the specified uses – immediately and worldwide. Leading international music-television brands from Germany rely on Crispy Content’s text- and language skills.

The language-portfolio of Crispy Content Gmbh grows

Currently, the language portfolio of Crispy Content GmbH includes languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish and, naturally, German. The pool of international authors is constantly expanded, and will within the near future also include Polish, Russian, Czech and Finnish.

Crispy Content GmbH – an owner-operated business

Crispy Content is a full-service digital content agency based in Berlin which specializes in all forms of content. Be it news or advertorials, product information, reviews or interviews, Crispy Content will develop and produce what you need. Our content is multilingual, unique, search engine optimised and tailored for your brand, blog or website – fast, up-to-date, reliable and consistent. Since Crispy Content was founded in August 2010, we have satisfied our clients’ customers in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Crispy Content delivers multilingual


Katja Grunert