Crispy Content to Launch Serviceplan Content Berlin

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Crispy Content was founded in 2010. Since then, both our agency and the agency landscape have changed tremendously. What started out as a content production agency for MTV, VIVA, and Red Bull has developed over the years into a content marketing agency whose creative work is increasingly geared toward sales and marketing.

Crispy Content gründet Serviceplan Content Berlin

Crispy Content gründet Serviceplan Content Berlin

From Entertainment Content to ROI

Whereas entertaining narratives were the priority at the beginning, search engine and conversion optimized content have since taken their place. With the development of standardized “Content Marketing Excellence” methods, we have met the needs of our clients, ensuring a sustainable return on investment from content marketing efforts that are transparent and predictable.

Creativity and Technology

The content marketing that Crispy Content offers to its clients today is unique, in that: it is creative, based on careful analysis, geared toward efficiency and scalability, and can therefore also be used in complex technical contexts. What was once the intuitive content marketing of the agency’s early days has grown into a high-quality, complex, and valuable digital product.

Content Marketing 2017: Loud, Colorful, and Multifaceted

In recent years, content marketing has become the definitive issue in marketing, and competitors of varying sizes and from a variety of backgrounds have been crowding the market, including SEO agencies, consulting firms, editorial agencies, ad agencies, corporate publishers, and finally, marketing departments of companies that advertise. Has all of this improved content marketing? At the very least, it is more colorful, louder, and more multifaceted today than ever before.

The Content Marketing of the Future

What will the content marketing of the future look like? It will be more creative than ever before, and will make use of all existing media to create engaging stories. It will be relevant and desirable, winning over its target group. In the end, it must be worthwhile for both the publisher and the audience. These Herculean tasks are a huge challenge for everyone, including us.

Given this situation, we have been on the search for a partner, with whom we can elevate content marketing in Germany and Europe to a new level. We have found this partner in the Serviceplan Group.

Crispy Content to Become Serviceplan Content Berlin

On May 1, 2017, Serviceplan Berlin GmbH and Crispy Content GmbH will launch a new agency: Serviceplan Content Berlin GmbH & Co. KG. As a result of this new venture, we will be significantly expanding our portfolio of services. New services already planned include creative direction, campaigning, and moving image design. Going forward, we will be building our strengths in the areas of social media marketing, influencer marketing, and media buying.

We will be maintaining our headquarters in Berlin, but the agency has found a fitting home in the newly built Haus der Kommunikation in Berlin-Mitte. From now on, Serviceplan Content Berlin will be integrated into the Serviceplan Group network, with 29 locations worldwide, including offices in Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne. We are also delighted that Crispy Content’s entire team will be joining the new agency. As of May 1, 2017, Serviceplan Content Berlin will be a content marketing agency with more than 30 employees.

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Crispy Content to Launch Serviceplan Content Berlin

Founder & CEO

Gerrit Grunert

Gerrit Grunert is the founder and CEO of Crispy Content. Always revved up, he is a goldmine of creative ideas which are infectious to everyone around him. Gerrit knows how to utilise the full potential of this explosive mixture - both at work and in his leisure activities. While he continues to work towards his childhood dream of becoming the fastest guitar player in the world and tests his endurance in cycling races, he is also instigating the content marketing revolution from the Crispy Office.Unser Team