Digitisation and German Mittelstand: Gerrit Grunert live at the UnternehmerKonferenz 2018

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Nuremberg is always worth a visit, especially on July 12, 2018, when the annual UnternehmerKonferenz takes place at the Nuremberg Convention Center NCC Ost under the promising title “Companies of the Future – Networked. Digital. Innovative”. You want to know more? Find out!

Gerrit Grunert, CEO Crispy Content, bei der UnternehmerKonferenz 2018

Digitisation and German Mittelstand

In its issue of 12 June 2018 on the occasion of the Cebit, the FAZ luridly titled “German fear of new technologies?” and assumed that Germans were still too afraid of the digital future. Is it reality or scaremongering?

Panic-make, if it goes after the German middle class. It cannot be explained otherwise that the Sparkassenverband Bayern  is hosting an event like the UnternehmerKonferenz 2018 and inviting renowned speakers such as Chris Boos, Ralph Goldschmidt and Gerrit Grunert on the topics of digitisation, finance, management and agribusiness.

Programme of the UnternehmerKonferenz 2018

Although the event lasts only one day, it is packed with three keynote speeches and 26 presentations for the more than 1,000 participants. Gerrit Grunert will give one of the lectures. It is entitled “Content Marketing Excellence – Your master plan for more turnover through content”. Since content marketing is more transparent, efficient, sustainable and scalable than any other marketing discipline, it is virtually predestined for medium-sized companies that see digitalization as an opportunity.

The presentation “Content. Marketing. Excellence.”

In his one-hour presentation, Gerrit will present his approach to ROI-oriented digital marketing and show how a performance promise can also be kept in the creative content area. He gives an insight into his book “Content. Marketing. Excellence. Methods for performance-oriented content marketing.” The lecture is thus aimed at decision-makers from marketing and sales in companies of all industries and sizes.

The Bavarian Business Founder Award

In addition, the Bavarian Business Founder Award is presented at the event for outstanding success in setting up companies – the highest award for founders and entrepreneurs in Bavaria. The award is intended to promote entrepreneurship in Bavaria and encourage an economic culture of innovation and sustainability.

It is awarded for exemplary achievements in the development of innovative and sustainable business ideas and in the establishment of new companies.

Further information on the 2018 UnternehmerKonferenz can be found here.

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Digitisation and German Mittelstand: Gerrit Grunert live at the UnternehmerKonferenz 2018

Founder & CEO

Gerrit Grunert

Gerrit Grunert is the founder and CEO of Crispy Content. Always revved up, he is a goldmine of creative ideas which are infectious to everyone around him. Gerrit knows how to utilise the full potential of this explosive mixture - both at work and in his leisure activities. While he continues to work towards his childhood dream of becoming the fastest guitar player in the world and tests his endurance in cycling races, he is also instigating the content marketing revolution from the Crispy Office.Unser Team