dmexco 2012 – A first review

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Every year the digital marketing exposition & conference, short dmexco, brings together marketers, agencies and technology service providers. The trade fair for digital marketing and advertising has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2009 and has become a renown get-together for the international online and mobile scene.

Crispy Content | dmexco

Crispy Content | dmexco

The annual increase in visitor numbers underlines the demexco’s role as an influencing trade fair. The industry’s decision makers and big players analyse, evaluate and discuss current topics and set the agenda for future developments in marketing, media and the creative sector.

“Data is at heart.” was one of the core messages at this year’s dmexco. To filter data from various sources and to utilise them is the biggest challenge and, at the same time, the most promising opportunity to be successful in digital marketing and advertising. An emphasis was put on the content generated by social networks. According to Harvey Goldhersz, today’s “real time world” allows companies to get users actively involved in campaigns, letting them participate in shaping the campaigns. From David Sabel’s point of view, “access is the new ownership”. He sees immense growth potential in cloud solutions and streaming platforms, but also social networks are supposed to highly benefit.

No matter where you turned to at the dmexco, one thing was certainly obvious: The digital world is developing rapidly and is offering opportunities that are to be used in the future. Thus, it will be an exciting and profitable business for years to come.

Crispy Content is keeping track of the latest developments in online business and is continously enhancing its content services. By doing so, we can offer future-oriented consultancy, tailor-made concepts and high performing solutions meeting your requirements – up-to-date, effective and sustainable.