Editorial Support ensures quality

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For most companies websites, social media profiles or blogs are indispensable nowadays. Providing quality content online is an ideal communication tool for them to stay in touch with the target group.

Crispy Content | Editorial Support

Crispy Content | Editorial Support

It sustainably increases brand awareness and boosts long-term sales. In order to make the most of your online presence, a continuous management is absolutely essential. However, many website providers underestimate the amount of time and manpower needed for the conscientious management of a website. The management of a rather small website already requires a lot of experience in content management, technological know-how and personel. Misjudging the actual workload quickly leads to a decrease in the quality and credibility of the website.

In order to avoid that pitfall, more and more companies outsource editorial processes. With its editorial support, Crispy Content provides qualitative on-time service for last-minute projects or long-term jobs. Pertinent experience in localising web-based games make Crispy Content your contact when it comes to transferring XML-data into numerous European languages and implementing it online. More than that, an emphasis is put on the conception, editing and implementation of memo-games, picture and video games and personality test on various topics. In this regard, in-depth research, creativity and the provision of target group-oriented content are crucial. In addition to the XML-localization, Crispy Content also produces texts and editorial articles and offers continous content management service.

Crispy Content’s professional editorial support ensures that your website, social media profile or blog provides its users with high quality and up-to-date content. Thus, it contributes to the sustainable establishment of your online presence and a long-term increase in sales. An experienced team of authors, content managers and translators make Crispy Content a pro – even for difficult cases.