Entering new markets with online shop localisation

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Content is becoming increasingly important for online shops. Besides SEA, Display Advertising and e-mail marketing it has become an integral part of e-commerce. In contrast to adverts, content is not just an invitation to purchase – it rouses the target group’s interest.

Crispy Content | Online Shops

Crispy Content | Online Shops

Be it text, video or audio, content tells stories, reflects opinions and creates lifestyle environments. And where there is interest, there will soon be sales.

For successful online shops it is a logical step to expand their business to international markets. Doing so, many new challenges are to be faced: On the one hand, there is the need to cross the language barrier; on the other hand, social norms and values have to be bourne in mind when entering international markets. A recent survey by ibi research actually found out that 34 % of those questioned consider the translation of the website and its product stock the most difficult barrier to cross when internationalising a business.

Crispy Content  is able to draw on many years of experience in translation and localisation. The majority of our clients, such as Red BullNickelodeon or car2go, operate in international markets. The mulitlingual content is being produced by native speakers with profound knowledge of the topic and their domestic market. Besides English, Spanish or French, we also offer our services in Danish, Norwegian, Polish or Finnish.

If you are thinking about internationalising your online shop, contact us. We are the right partner when it comes to translations and localisation!

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