Functions and Benefits of the Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Enterprise software specialist Oracle has a decades-long tradition of pioneering leadership in the technological sector. The Oracle Marketing Cloud represents its venture into the field of big data and the integration of big data with the rest of the online world. It focuses on the acquisition, retention, and analysis of customers. We show what the Oracle Cloud Suite can do for your business and whether it might be worthwhile for you to try it out.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting


The Oracle Marketing Cloud consists of a total of six closely interconnected areas. All of the following tools are designed to work seamlessly with other Oracle products:

Marketing Automation

Oracle automates the entire lead management process, using algorithms to optimise lead generation, lead scoring, and lead nurturing. Users enjoy a user experience that is tailored to their individual needs and delivered via a PC, smartphone, or tablet. The campaign management area provides campaign templates and workflows.

Channels that can be used with the cloud include your website, search engines, emails, display advertising, and social media. This ensures that your target group automatically receives the right marketing messages for each purchase phase. When a change in user behaviour signifies a willingness to buy, the marketing automation function automatically forwards the user to your company’s sales department.

Cross-Channel Marketing

This function organises and orchestrates the entire customer experience across all channels. Cross-channel marketing helps you zone in on your target group and shows you which content is received best. Analytics functions give you information about opening rates, click rates, bounce rates, and logouts.

Data-Driven Marketing

These tools capture, analyse, manage, and use offline and online marketing data. The database helps you to better understand your customers and address them in an even more targeted fashion. The Oracle Data Management Platform collates all marketing data and uses it to build precisely defined target groups and optimise campaign scenarios.

Available data sets include 1st party data (data collected by your organisation), 2nd party data (data from other companies who share information with you), and 3rd party data (websites and social media). Oracle’s target group databases are supplied with 3rd party data by over 30 external vendors, which corresponds to approximately 700 million anonymous customer profiles and 40,000 data attributes. Target group analytics allows you to evaluate your success amongst selected target groups.

Testing & Optimisation

A / B tests and complex multivariable methods enable you to monitor and examine customer behaviour across all channels. All of your marketing data can be integrated via the data management platform, your preferred CRM system, or web analytics, thereby allowing you to create customer profiles and detailed personalisations. The scaling options enable flexible tests regardless of data volume, speed, or complexity.

Content Marketing

Oracle facilitates the targeted production and distribution of content, which is allocated automatically by the Marketing Cloud based on pre-defined buyer personas. You define your target group based on occupation, age, income, purchasing behaviour, location, channels used, and company role.

The content marketing tool consists of the following five areas: Plan (refinement of a strategy), Produce (designed for user-friendly operation), Publish (publication of content on blogs or other channels), Promote (seeding of content on social media), and Prove (measuring of how well your content is received by customers). The tool manages your content marketing through an intelligent calendar that bundles campaigns, social media contributions, and all content output. The Campaign Canvas allows you to create and coordinate campaigns using drag and drop.

Social Marketing

Nowadays, customers also talk about your brand or products on social media. Oracle monitors and analyses their conversations, allowing you to detect moods and trends at an early stage and integrate them into your ongoing marketing approach. You can also provide content on your desired social channels and interact with users to enhance customer loyalty.

Together, the social marketing features provide a detailed supply of information about your customers at all contact points. The cloud solution determines when and to which customers a particular item of content is best delivered.


The Oracle Marketing Cloud is primarily aimed at global players seeking to create, cultivate, and analyse a global network of customer data. The wide range of functions covers all major areas of content marketing. Highlights include its excellent lead scoring performance and the large number of Oracle servers inside and outside the USA, which provide high bandwidths around the world.

What is best for corporations, however, can present challenges for smaller companies. The complexity of the Oracle solution is likely to quickly overwhelm small and medium-sized companies, who also tend to have little experience with marketing clouds. If you do not require Oracle’s expansive range of functions, consider the more affordable and easier-to-use alternatives of HubSpot and Salesforce instead.

Want to map your organisation’s marketing and sales processes in the Oracle Marketing Cloud? As an Oracle Marketing Cloud Silver Partner, we’d be happy to advise you:


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Functions and Benefits of the Oracle Marketing Cloud

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