How to Take Your Content Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

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Do you deploy content marketing? You’re in good company. Right now, content marketing is the word on everyone’s lips – and your competition knows it. Despite this, many content marketers fail to look outside the confines of their own strategy or muster the courage for something complex, which is why a sophisticated content strategy can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Content Marketing Strategy


Many companies choose the easy path and set about using content marketing without identifying clear goals. They commit the fundamental error of producing content for a diffuse target group. If you want to develop a good content strategy, you must know exactly who this content is for – in other words, your persona. Once you’ve analysed and developed one or more personas, you have conquered the first step on the road to success. But simply knowing your audience isn’t enough. People change – and your content marketing strategy must be able to keep pace.

Your strategy must provide answers to the following questions:

  • What purpose must my content fulfil?
  • Which format is suitable for this purpose?
  • Which subjects will interest my persona?

By nature, a content piece is a mixture of purpose, format and subject. These are things over which you can exert influence. By contrast, your persona, who is constantly changing, is completely outside your control. How is it possible to consistently offer suitable content in such a situation?


Think of yourself as a reader: once you have sought out and found the information you want, you’re not interested in reading or watching other blog entries, emails or informational videos that explain the same thing. Your readers are no different. During one particular phase of their so-called “buyer’s journey“, a customer comes into contact with your content – a video on inbound marketing, for example. This customer may have no idea how inbound marketing works or what benefits it can bring in terms of traffic and buyers. Another visitor follows your newsletter and is familiar with the concept – only now, they want to know how they can use inbound marketing to best effect within their own firm.

If you publish content, you must be mindful of your buyer’s journey when doing so. Each phase places differing requirements on purpose, format and subject. Take your customer by the hand, and traffic won’t be the only result: you’ll generate leads and, eventually, happy buyers, since you’re supplying content that interests them at every stage of the process.


It’s no easy task supplying different personas with well-timed, suitable content: to do so, you require considerable knowledge of your customer base and must constantly stay on the ball. Whether your marketing processes are automated or manual, your content marketing strategy must be fit for purpose at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

What does this mean in concrete terms? If you’ve identified three different personas, you must not only produce content pieces for each one: you must also prepare content for each individual stage.

A perfect content marketing strategy – with accompanying marketing automation – requires huge amounts of analytical and strategic output. Among other things, it demands constant monitoring. And in the end, your strategy is not set in stone – it must be just as fluid as your personas themselves. But this effort is worth it: your personas will honour your efforts. And for you, this means more leads, more customers and ultimately more profit.

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How to Take Your Content Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

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