We Are Looking for Translators & Editors

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For the expansion of our freelancer pool we are constantly looking for reliable and experienced translators and editors of various nationalities. If you can answer our six golden questions with YES, we invite you to make some CRISPY BUSINESS with us!


1. Your mother tongue is one of the following?

► English, ► Dutch, ► Swedish, ► Danish, ► Finnish, ► Norwegian,
► French, ► Italian, ► Polish, ► Spanish, ► Chinese, ► Turkish

2. You are able to translate from English or German (or even both source languages) into your mother tongue?

3. You have experience with texts from one or more of the following fields?

► Entertainment, ► Kids’ Content, ► Music, ► Lifestyle,
► Sports, ► Marketing, ► SEO, ► Social Media, ► Engineering

4. You have work experience in translating and at best have a degree in translation? 

5. You are interested and talented in writing your own texts?

6. You want to become an integral part of our freelance translator and editor team?

Then you are heartily invited to send us your awesome application with your CV and some work samples. Just mail it to jobs@crispycontent.de.

We are looking forward to meeting you,

Thomas, Karsten & Sophie