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There is scarcely another company that has helped shape the German e-commerce scene to as great a degree as plentymarkets. The Kassel-based firm produces a management system for a full range of e-commerce processes, from the creation of a shop to inventory management and order processing. A true one-stop solution – which is why we at Crispy Content are all the more delighted to begin assisting plentymarkets with their visibility and reach through content marketing.

Content Marketing and E-Commerce – plentymarkets


Thanks to plentymarkets, online retailers have a single piece of software to control all the processes involved in their online retail business – easily, efficiently and at their convenience. This is how it should be. Ultimately, all end customers want is for their orders to be processed in the shortest possible time and with the highest possible quality of service – which means that the software in the background has a fair bit of work to do.


For a one-stop solution like plentymarkets e-commerce ERP software, two factors are more important than any other: visibility and reach. The more potential customers plentymarkets reaches, the more it can then convince of the benefits of its product.

Crispy Content generates this visibility as part of a specially developed content marketing strategy. This provides the framework for the firm’s multi-channel content marketing: the blog, for which Crispy Content produces content, and the firm’s social media (that is, their Facebook and Twitter profiles), which Crispy Content manages. The firm’s content marketing campaigns – such as the plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress, the plenty Awards or the plenty Startup Initiative – are incorporated on both channels, providing abundant jumping-off points for interesting stories.


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More Content For a Greater Reach – plentymarkets Commisions Crispy Content

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