One step ahead with Content Curation

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The US-American IT-entrepreneur Mitchell David Kapor once said: “Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”. How true, when bearing in mind that the internet’s content is supposed to double every 72 hours in the near future. But how to handle that information flood?

Crispy Content | Content Curation

Crispy Content | Content Curation

Content Curation, a new trend from the U.S., offers the solution. Instead of generating new content, a so called Content Curator scans and filters the content that is already available on the internet and presents it to the users. Those assuming it is plain copy-paste are wrong as the Content Curator adds extra value to the existing content by editing it. It is his opinion, reflections or comments that generate qualitative, target group-oriented content that makes websites stand out from the gray masses – Curated Content.

The interesting thing is that everybody is actually already applying Content Curation every day. Be it recommending interesting web-articles to friends or sharing the latest online-release with colleagues. Thus, acting as Content Curator for the company’s website is just a small step with loads of positive effects, such as stronger user-loyality, increased brand awareness, more traffic or sustainable search engine optimisation, to name just a few.

Content Curation is a promising trend that should not be missed out on. Crispy Content already added Content Curation to its content services in order to being able to satisfy the users’ increasing hunger for good content in the future. We easily slip into the role of a Content Curator for your industry and target group generating tailor-made, qualitative and multilingual content that makes the difference.