Content Marketing

Into the stratosphere with John Deere…

100 years of content marketing

In 1899, John Deere published its first DIY magazine, Michelin has been rating restaurants since 1900, Pirelli has been producing the most beautiful calendar of the year since 1964 and in 2012, Red Bull had a person jump out of the stratosphere – the combination of product and extended information – content marketing – is over 100 years old. Now it’s your turn.

Relevance = ROI

We help you to inspire your customers with exciting content that adds value to your product, service, brand or message. The right choice of topic, research, preparation, distribution and measurement will enhance your brand awareness, grow your customer base and drive your revenues.

Content Marketing Excellence

Only the best is good enough for our clients. That’s why we developed content marketing excellence for you. Our strategy entails six crucial steps for successful content marketing:

• Planning – definition of objectives, preferences and KPIs
• Research – opportunity verification through onpage analysis, offpage analysis and social media analysis
• Concept – summary of the research findings, as well as production and marketing guidelines
• Production – economical and scalable production of your content for publication on your platforms
Seeding – marketing your content on owned media (own website, blog, newsletter), earned media (blogger, influencer, editor) and paid media (as placement in search engines and social media)
• Analytics – continuous performance monitoring through onpage analysis, offpage analysis and social media analysis to fine-tune production and marketing

Content in any shape or colour

Your content marketing will benefit from our production of series, top-lists, infographics, interviews, animated gifs, image galleries, listicles, stories, social media posts, surveys, tests, video tutorials, reviews, checklists, statistics and much more.

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