Onpage Analysis

“Don’t ask what a search engine can do for you, but what you can do for it.”

The biggest shop-window in the world

The Google homepage is the biggest shop-window in the world. If we want to sell our product to the window dresser, we need to have the right pitch ready and mustn’t waste his precious time. This is where onpage analysis comes in: we analyse and optimise your page to facilitate accelerated search engine reading and enhance its relevance classification. That’s how you end up on the first page of search engine results – for free.

Getting to the customer

The first three lines of your entry on the first page of the search results is in essence your own, personal advert, whether you hold that position organically or whether you paid for it. It really pays to find the right words here – you want to entice your target group into clicking on the link and “opening your shop door”. We support your text production.

A glance at past performance

You want to know what your customers expect. That’s why we analyse access details for your website, blog or shop. Based on this analysis, we deduct strategic, technical and content recommendations for your content marketing strategy. Onpage analysis, offpage analysis and social media analysis go hand in hand.