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The right message to your most important customers on the right channel at the right time, individually composed and delivered – easy, isn’t it? Oracle.

The Three Pillars of Content Marketing

Modern content marketing consists of three important elements. Alongside the content itself (as the carrier of information) and the processes that define why, when, how and to whom this content is transmitted, the technical environment in which processes and content are mapped is a highly significant consideration.

Oracle Marketing Cloud – The All-in-One Solution

The Oracle Marketing Cloud is one such technical environment, consolidating marketing data, applications and media on a single platform. The solution encompasses:

• Data management
• Cross-channel marketing
• Campaign and channel management
• Social, content and mobile marketing
• Lead management and analytics

Thanks to the fact that marketers are able to centralise data and coordinate customer experience across multiple channels, media outputs can be optimised and costs saved. What’s more, marketers can address the right target groups via their desired distribution channel(s), increase profits and build long-lasting customer relationships. The open platform supports hundreds of pre-integrated providers of applications, data, advertising and media, rendering the Oracle Marketing Cloud a unique marketing ecosystem.

The structured mapping of all marketing and sales processes in a solution as powerful and complex as this one requires extensive experience. We are an experienced Oracle Marketing Cloud Silver Partner.

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