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The Story

What‘s next in Fashion & Music? District MTV asks this question afresh every single day. On a website, personalities, ideas and trends from the most diverse segments of pop culture come together.

District MTV has its own opinion. If it’s a fact, it may as well be said. District MTV loves the wild life, real moments and a sharp sense of humour. And since nothing in life is simply black and white, District MTV is colourful. Loud. Individual. And sometimes even rebellious.

District MTV is online in England, Italy, France, Germany and Spain and we are proud to support the German editorial team of District MTV in the content production and content management since the end of 2012.


Support of content production, as well as content management at DistrictMTV.de


Ob Whether it’s a mainstream platform or a niche blog, Crispy Content analyses the big data flows of the pop culture and filters out the trending topic. In coordination with the District MTV editorial team, contributions are produced and published as a multi media story. Apart from the integration of classical multi media elements, such as videos or image galleries, the focus is also on the latest trends in content sharing. Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud & Co. not only enrich the contributions with respect to their content, but they also make them more interactive and easier to share.

Crispy Content manages the contributions from their creation to their archiving. As a content manager, we determine, where, how and for how long articles are teasered. Our team decides on the image selection on the basis of its experience with converting visuals. Of course, we always keep in mind that the search engine also reads our texts. This is why we always include a healthy amount of SEO in our content production. After all, even the most spectacular content looses its raison d’être, if it can’t be found.



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