Social Media Marketing

Butterfly, snowball or chain reaction?

No marketing without social media

More than half of the German population is active on social networks. More than two-thirds of internet users in the age group 30-49 regularly use services like Facebook or Twitter. For younger target groups under 30 years, this figure is as high as 90+ percent. These users are waiting for your story. We deliver it.

Strategic Scaling

Social media marketing is a central component of content & inbound marketing. No other marketing channel can spread messages with such enormous speed like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube do. Precise targeting allows you to invest your media budget in enhancing the visibility for your target group. A good social media strategy will act as a solid foundation.

Conceptual design, production and media planning

We develop the right strategy for your objectives, produce the right content in line with your strategy and publish this content in your social media accounts. On top of that, we take care of your media planning to ensure your budget translates into the greatest possible reach and the highest level of engagement.