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The term "Artificial Intelligence" is on everyone's lips. The availability of AI apps in the market demonstrates that this technology has the potential to transform your company as well. In order for you to harness this potential, it is important to bring this topic and its implementation to your teams. And that's where we come in to support you!


Our 5-Step Process

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Discovery Call

In an initial introductory meeting, we discuss the essential questions: What challenges are you facing in your company? What topics interest you? What type of trainings do you wish to receive from us? Based on that, we will propose an action plan for you.




Development of the Action Plan

We engage in conversations with all stakeholders to understand their individual goals and expectations. We conduct audits of work processes and technical environments to assess the feasibility of implementing an AI project. We identify typical application scenarios that form the substantive basis of our trainings.

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Workshops & Trainings

We conduct on-site, individually tailored interactive trainings and workshops with your employees. Our workshops serve not only as a means of knowledge transfer but also as a source of enthusiasm, motivation, and employee engagement in contributing to the success of your company.

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Our team ensures the professional documentation of our sessions, presenting you with concise, well-structured formats that are easily understandable. We accommodate your preferred knowledge management systems, making it convenient for you to access the information. Furthermore, we provide you with access to all the raw data collected during the sessions.



Even after the completion of the training, we are here for you because the integration of Artificial Intelligence is not just a project but an ongoing process of innovation. We provide tailored services specifically for you, as well as additional events that delve deeper into the subject matter, to support you in this journey.


Your Journey Starts Right Here


Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

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Your Trainer

It is remarkable to observe how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies operate. It not only enhances efficiency but also creates new opportunities for innovation. We are witnessing significant improvements in various areas - from communication to data-driven decision-making. AI enables businesses to optimize their processes and enhance their performance. However, like any technology, AI also brings challenges. It is an exciting time, and I am closely monitoring how this dynamic will continue to evolve.
Gerrit Grunert

Managing Director Crispy Content®

Gerrit Grunert is one of the most recognized experts in the German marketing landscape. His expertise extends beyond implementing effective marketing strategies to sharing his knowledge as a trainer and lecturer, as exemplified by his acclaimed book "Methodisches Content Marketing" published in 2019 by SpringerGabler.

Gerrit Grunert leverages his extensive experience to educate the next generation of marketing professionals. His methods combine proven practices with innovative approaches that have proven to be particularly effective in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Gerrit Grunert's didactic approach aims to encourage students and workshop participants to think beyond the conventional and find unconventional solutions. Artificial Intelligence is just one of the numerous examples of this.

He advocates for the principle that a good marketer not only increases revenue but can also shape the business landscape. Those seeking a practical and refreshingly modern perspective on marketing will find Gerrit Grunert to be a reliable source of information and inspiration. 


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Our Training Modules

Basics of AI

In this module, we will explain the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. This includes important terms and concepts, various types of AI, and the basics of machine learning. We will also discuss the ethical aspects of AI and its impact on society.

Ethics and AI

This module discusses the ethical aspects of AI usage, including issues related to data privacy, transparency, responsibility, and the potential social impact of AI.

AI in Marketing & Sales

In this module, participants will learn how to effectively utilize Artificial Intelligence in the field of marketing and sales. Key topics include predicting customer behavior, personalizing marketing campaigns, sales automation, and optimizing pricing strategies through AI.

AI in Customer Management

This module demonstrates how AI can be used to enhance customer management. It covers topics such as AI in customer service, personalized customer engagement with AI, and predictive models for customer behavior.

AI Content Strategy

Based on our Crispy Content® Marketing Canvas, we collaboratively develop an operational content strategy with a consistent prompt structure that enables you to effectively brief the AI. By integrating it with your systems (such as blog, chat, or CRM) through API, facilitated by your IT team, you can generate scalable, high-quality content.

KI Prompt Design

We collaborate with you to develop a customized prompt database for communication with every target audience at every touchpoint, as well as prompt sequences that align with your individual production process.

KI Prompt Review

We train you in quality assurance of prompts, enabling you to review delivered prompts for consistency with your strategy and briefings.

KI Content Review

We provide training on quality assurance of AI-generated content, allowing you to review it for consistency with your strategy and briefings.


Why people love Crispy Content

Camille Charlier
PriceHubble is a B2B proptech company that builds innovative digital solutions for the banking and finance industry. When we were looking for a partner to develop a revenue-oriented SEO strategy in French, German and English, we came across Crispy Content®. The combination of agile strategy development and intensive consulting met our needs exactly. We achieved all our goals and would be happy to collaborate with Crispy Content® again in the future.
Camille Charlier Senior Content Marketing Manager PriceHubble
Isabelle_Olivier_Martins_Ind ustries_Cripsy_Content®
As a Canadian workshop equipment supplier for our important European markets, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands, we were looking for a content partner who would not translate our English-language content, but would bring our unique message closer to our target audience in the countries. Product descriptions, brochures, newsletters, creative ads or even video scripts: With Crispy Content®, we have gained an agency that delivers qualitatively outstanding results. Above all, however, we enjoy the collegial and friendly collaboration.
Isabelle Olivier Marketing Director Martins Industries
Dennis Boerschig
Hansgrohe wants to inspire people all over the world - physically and digitally. When our team developed the idea of an international digital magazine around the topics of architecture, design, living and hygiene, we found an experienced partner in Crispy Content® who turned this idea into reality with us. Strategically excellently positioned, extremely structured and always creative, they support us to this day.
Dennis Boerschig Marketing Manager Digital Hansgrohe Group
In the past years, we have realized global content marketing projects together with Crispy Content® on a wide variety of topics, such as IoT, Life Sciences or SAP S/4HANA. In Crispy Content®, we have found the ideal partner with whom we can achieve our marketing goals in our complex topic area and towards our critical C-level target group. We look forward to future projects with Crispy Content®.
Nicole Niebuhr Content Marketing Manager, NTT DATA Business Solutions
Robert Vogg
With PAULS Events, we wanted to reach our customers digitally first and foremost. In Crispy Content®, we found a partner who worked with us to develop a customer-centric website and content strategy, produced a website trimmed for visibility and conversion, and filled it with search engine-optimized, creative, and conversion-boosting content. We can highly recommend the agency.
Robert Vogg Department Lead PAULS Events
Competition in the payment market is tough. Convincing business customers with the right message is a major challenge. With Crispy Content®, we were able to overcome it: Customized blog content that picks up the personas in their scenarios, arouses interest and initiates contact - the Crispy Content® team knows how to do it. Recommended for any company selling products in need of explanation to B2B customers.
Percy Grundhöfer Payment Expert
Sarah Birk, E-Com Content Expert
E-commerce is one of the industries that benefit most from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hyper-personalization. Crispy Content® has mastered the task of presenting such complex topics in a comprehensible way for store operators in an e-commerce blog and at the same time highlighting the advantages of our personalization software.
Sarah Birk E-Com Content Expert
Felix von Zittwitz
E-recruitment is one of those topics to which inbound marketing can be applied quite excellently for customer acquisition. It's all the better to have the inbound experts Crispy Content® at your side right from the start, whose strategies and models bring communication and sales together in a unique way. Crispy's structured yet agile strategic consulting enabled us to make great progress in a very short time.
Felix von Zittwitz E-Recruitment Specialist
Sebastian Schlaak
In a globalized market, it is enormously important for Prepend to communicate the many advantages of software development made in Germany. With its inbound marketing strategy, Crispy Content® has succeeded in translating the major topics of innovation, consistency, pace, and resilience into a regular communication that our target groups not only understand, but also win over as customers.
Sebastian Schlaak Managing Director Prepend
Carina Schmitz für Crispy Content®
Their strategic foundation is what makes makes the 'Crispy' campaigns unique. Many agencies can write and optimize for search engines. However, the key is to create successful content marketing with a well thought out, analytically sound, and above all, integrated strategy. If you value KPI orientation and performance, Gerrit Grunert from Crispy Content® is your man!
Carina Schmitz Digital HR Marketing Specialist
Stephan de Bourdeille
Gerrit Grunert is a valuable source of inspiration. He understands the importance of questioning the familiar in order to find creative alternative approaches. With his strategies, he is redefining digital communication.
Stephan Chassaing de Bourdeille Axel Springer SE
Ansgar Wollnik
Berliner Gerrit Grunert is a force. Creative from head to his toe with extensive experience, he delivers the content marketing ingredients to his clients that add build recipe for their success. He always finds the appropriate tone and focuses on measurable results. He is in demand internationally as a speaker on this topic, but always remains authentic.
Ansgar Wollnik Ansgar Wollnik, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Florian Strunck für Crispy Content®
Maybe you’ve heard the term "digital natives"? Gerrit Grunert is a true “marketing native.” He intuitively analyzes, interprets, and serves the needs of his clients. He skillfully understands the most complex challenges with good humor, while remaining focused on breaking them down to their constituent parts. This is how playfully new and innovative strategic approaches are created.
Florian Strunck Procurement Specialist Digital Services
John Wegner für Crispy Content®
I associate Gerrit Grunert with outstanding Content Marketing that is not only creative and ambitious, but also precisely geared toward the needs of its target groups. He not only delivers ideas for new and relevant themes, but also provides solutions for how high-quality content can be produced for years to come.
John Wegner moovel Group
Julia Lenhard für Crispy Content®
Each one of Gerrit Grunert’s lectures is a true enrichment for our webinars on lead generation. With his lively and authentic approach, he engages webinar participants, delivering valuable material with direct relevance on every day use - allwhile generating crucial product relevance for us. We look forward to having him on our virtual stage again in the future!
Julia Lenhard LogMeIn GoToWebinar
Daniel Richter für Crispy Content®
Good content must be inspiring, useful and entertaining. At Crispy Content I'm at the right place for this. The solutions offered, always adapted to my special challenges and implemented in an agile way, have been helping me to increase the growth of the companies I worked with for years.
Daniel Richter Digital Strategist

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