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Privacy Policy

This statement is directed to all visitors to our website, customers, partners and applicants, and becomes relevant when we receive your information. It does not matter whether a contract exists between us or not. In all situations, this statement is intended to make it transparent for you as to how we handle your data.


1. Responsible Authority

The responsible authority in the legal sense for the topic of data is the company named on our website under “Legal”. You can contact the person of contact mentioned there or our data protection officer:

Rechtsanwalt Maximilian Conrad (Attorney at Law)
Raabestr. 1
10405 Berlin

A data protection officer is not bound to the instructions from the management. You can also contact him via email:

2. Purpose of Data Storage

On our website, you can enter personal data via a contact form. When you use the contact form, we collect and store the data you enter in the input mask (e.g. last name, first name, e-mail address).

When you create a user account with us or enter into a contract with us as a client, we create a customer account in our system. This account contains the master data you have entered, your order and, if applicable, your billing data (“customer data”). We store and process this data, because otherwise we would not be able to fulfill our contract terms.

Your computer sends us your IP address when you use our websites and depending on the type of use and the settings of your computer, we save small text files on your hard disk (“cookies”). We create these files so that our website works better for you. It functions as a type of short-term memory of your browser.

We also create text files on our system which may contain the following information about you: browser type and version, operating system used, the URL of the website you came from, the name of your computer and the time (“log files”). The log files cannot be assigned by us to specific people. We do not merge this data with cookies or IP addresses. However, we reserve the right to evaluate this data subsequently in individual cases if we have concrete evidence of illegal use. The log files help us to understand which type of computers our websites must function on, particularly when many (or few) people use our websites. Through this method, the website structure, server and database systems can be adjusted accordingly.

3. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

We do not completely process your data ourselves, but use programs and services from other companies (“tools”). We will change the tools we use from time to time if we consider it appropriate for legal, technical, or economic reasons.

We currently use the following tools for the administration and processing of data (in particular IP addresses, cookies, and log files):

  1. Google Analytics (traffic monitoring on our website)
  2. ALL-INKL.COM (website functionality, server space)
  3. Leadpages (provision of informational services)
  4. Datev (administration surrounding master data, bookkeeping)
  5. HubSpot Sales (administration surrounding customer data)
  6. Google G Suite (server space, contact information, emails)
  7. Drip (contact information, emails to large groups)
  8. Skype (communication within the company)
  9. Quip (communication within the company)
  10. Nfon (internal and external calls)
  11. Strato Hidrive (server space)
  12. Trello (project management)
  13. Dropbox (server space)
  14. Evernote (communication and server space)
  15. Facebook (social media communication)
  16. LinkedIn (social media communication)
  17. XING (social media communication)
  18. Twitter (social media communication)
  19. Google+1 (social media communication)
  20. Smarter Queue (social media communication)

If you prohibit your consent from the use of these tools, we may no longer be able to fulfill existing contracts between us or may have to resort to solutions that are less convenient for you.

The data will not be transferred to providers or storage locations in countries outside the European Union.

Here you can change your cookie opt-ins.

4. Deletion Periods

We will store your data until the order is completed or until the statutory retention periods have expired. These result primarily from § 257 HGB, which regulates the storage of business documents.

5. Disclosure

You have the legal right to request information about the data we have stored at any time. If, despite our efforts to ensure that data is correct and up-to-date, incorrect information about you is stored, we will correct it as soon as possible at your request. If processing is based on your consent, you can revoke this consent at any time in the future.

6. Supervisory Authority

If you feel that we are not fulfilling our informational obligations towards you, you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority (e.g. the data protection officer of a federal state in Germany).

7. Voluntary Nature

You are not obliged to transmit your data to us. You can therefore refuse to have your IP address stored. For the completion and execution of contracts between you and us, however, the processing of your data to the extent described above is necessary. If you revoke your consent to data processing, our service to you becomes impossible without you being released from the obligation to carry out our contractual obligations. (You cannot revoke the storage of your customer data in the above-mentioned administrative systems for this reason until the termination of the contractual relationship).

8. Change of Purpose

If we intend to further process your data for a purpose other than the one for which you have given them to us, we will provide you with specific information about this other purpose and the reason for our intention prior to such further processing. You can revoke your consent to further processing at any time.

Privacy Policy Statement for Facebook

With these data protection regulations, Crispy Content GmbH, Warschauer Straße 58a, 10243 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter: CRISPY CONTENT) would like to inform you how your personal data is processed via this fan page and who has access to the data you have provided.

As the operator of this fan page, Crispy Content is also responsible for data protection law. This means that Crispy Content is also responsible for ensuring that your data is processed lawfully via this fan page and that you can also exercise your rights regarding your data against CRISPY CONTENT.

Data about you can be collected through cookies on the fan page, regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not. Cookies are data packages that mark a user’s computers, smartphones and other end devices with a specific identifier. They are regularly stored on the user’s end device when he or she visits a Facebook page, including this fan page. Facebook alone decides on the use of these cookies. CRISPY CONTENT has no influence on this. The legal basis for the setting of cookies is your consent, which you give by using the Facebook web pages.

Cookies are primarily used to display personalized advertising to visitors of the Facebook web pages, including a fan page. This is done by showing the user on Facebook (i.e. also on the fan page) advertisements from Facebook’s advertising partners whose websites the user has previously visited. In addition, cookies enable the creation of statistics on the use of a fan page, so that Facebook and CRISPY CONTENT can track the use of a fan page.

The collection of your data through cookies in the context of the use of the fan page is neither legally nor contractually required. It is also not necessary for the conclusion of a contract. There is therefore no obligation to transfer your data to Facebook. However, the non-transmission of your data (e.g. by blocking cookies) has the consequence that we cannot offer you the fan page or can only offer it to a limited extent.

Your data can be transferred to Facebook Inc. in the USA through the cookies. Facebook is certified for the EU-US Privacy Shield, i.e. Facebook must comply with a data protection standard for users in Europe that has been found by the European Commission to meet the European standard. In addition, Facebook may set cookies from third parties. These are listed at Their cookie policies are derived from their respective websites.

You can ask CRISPY CONTENT for your personal data concerning your:

  • Information in the form of a copy of personal data and related information,
  • Provision in a structured and machine-readable format,
  • in the event of their being incorrect, the correction,
  • in particular, in the event of revocation of your consent or the fulfillment of its purpose, the deletion and
  • request in certain cases the restriction of their processing, and
  • object to the use of your data for the purpose of direct advertising at any time.

You can revoke the declaration of consent to the storage, processing and use of your data by cookies in the context of the use of the fan page at any time with effect on the future. In this case, the processing that has taken place until the revocation remains lawful.

If you are of the opinion that the processing of personal data by CRISPY CONTENT does not comply with the legal requirements, you can lodge a complaint with the responsible supervisory authority.

Further details on the use of cookies by Facebook can be found in Facebook’s Data Policy ( and Cookie Policy ( You can also download your own Facebook data directly from Facebook (download the so-called “extended archive” in your account settings).

If you have any questions, you can contact our data protection officer at any time:

Rechtsanwalt Maximilian Conrad (Attorney at Law)
Raabestr. 1
10405 Berlin

An important notice: This is only a translation to help your understanding. The German version is solely decisive.

End of the privacy policy

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